5 Things to Do Before You Move Home for the Summer

It’s hard to believe the school year is winding down, and pretty soon you’ll be packing up your dorm room, saying goodbye to your roommates, and heading off to whatever’s next (whether that’s moving back home with your parents or heading off to an internship or study abroad program.)

Before you leave campus, there are a few items on your checklist that can make your return in the fall much easier.

Check Your Dorm Room Carefully

Most dorms hold room inspections after you move out. If any furniture or fixtures are damaged, you and your roommates will be held responsible (and possibly fined), so get your room in order before you move home.

For starters, if put any of the room furnishings in storage, go back and grab those desks, dressers, and bed frames. These items tend to get pretty banged up (or go missing altogether) as students scramble to get their rooms ready for final inspection, so make sure you get your items before someone else takes them.

Also check the walls, floorboards, door frames, etc. for any major damage. In other words, if your creative juices inspired you to finger paint your walls one night, now is the time to repaint.

Settle Your Fall Living Situation

Do you know where you’re living in the fall? Before you move home, this is a key question you need to have answered. If you’re staying in the dorm, the answer is pretty simple, and you may already know your dorm and roommate assignment.

If you’re planning to move off-campus, don’t wait to find a place and sign a lease. Off-campus housing can fill up pretty fast, so talk to your friends, find a place, and sing on the dotted line. You’ll always want to try and settle little details now – who is taking which room, who is brining a microwave, and who will be in charge of turning on utilities, etc.

Line Up a Job

Like campus housing, campus jobs go pretty quickly. If you need to work in the fall , you’re better off lining up a job before you leave for home. This means talking to your boss if you’re currently working, and finding out if he/she would like you to come back. For those of you who aren’t working, head over to the student employment office, find out what jobs are already posted for the fall, and apply.

Organize Your School Files

Right now, your studies are fresh in your mind. You know what classes you’ve been tackling, and which ones are next in line. Take the time now to organize your files, keep any notes you need for next semester, and outline which classes you want to sign up for in the fall. If there are any special books or materials you know you might need, now’s a great time to pick them up, before the fall textbook rush starts. The more organized you can be now, the more you’ll have a jump-start on the fall semester.

Make Plans to See Friends

When I moved home from college for the summer, one of the hardest parts (besides arguing with my parents about my “curfew”) was not seeing my new college friends every day. If you’ve got a little extra money and time, definitely make plans to visit your college roommates over the summer. It will help pass the time until fall semester starts, and it will give you plenty of time to get everything in order for your dorm room or off-campus apartment.