Marketing Degree | Salary & Requirements 2023

Written by Tien Rooney
Published on June 27, 2022 · Updated on March 23, 2023

Marketing Degree | Salary & Requirements 2023

Written by Tien Rooney
Published on June 27, 2022 · Updated on March 23, 2023

What is Business Marketing?

For students entertaining multiple careers in marketing, business marketing is crucial to the financial success of any company. In fact, it’s the process that builds and maintains business-to-business transactions and long-term partnerships. 

For example, many companies in the supply chain rely on manufacturers to fabricate parts for the product they wish to bring to sell on the market. To develop a financially viable, reliable supply chain, businesses are compelled to seek out and contract reputable manufacturers and hire business marketing specialists to manage these efforts. 

Given the current and future demand for graduates with a business marketing degree, it’s a great time to break into the field. A graduate with a business marketing degree has a strong career outlook with professional development opportunities in almost every sector of the economy. 

Business Marketing vs. Marketing

There are some key differences between business marketing and marketing in terms of procedure and goals that can impact whether a prospective student should enroll in a given program. 

While business marketing occurs between businesses to create important partnerships, marketing is the overarching promotion of a product or service to a targeted audience.  If you’re interested in creating partnerships and working directly with clients, it may be more beneficial to enroll in a business marketing degree. Business marketing often takes place when a company contacts and negotiates with another entity that they intend to do business with, typically on a larger scale than a single customer. 

When these same businesses develop advertising and messaging that is broadcast to the general public or through targeted ads online, this falls under the “marketing” umbrella. Marketing can come in the form of print media like magazine ads or newspaper listings, and digitally through commercials and product placement in a given television series. If you’re interested in finding ways to tell stories about products, and learn how to target a particular audience, a marketing degree may be the path you should pursue. 

What Kinds of Business Marketing Degrees Are There?

Let’s break out the four different degree levels of business marketing and dive into each one.

Associate Degree in Business Marketing

If you’re interested in gaining the foundational skills needed to begin your career in the field of business marketing in a short period, an associate degree could be a great option. These are completed in two years and cover subjects such as market research, partnerships, and branding. Graduates have the option of transferring to a bachelor’s program and applying the credits they gained during their associate courses, or they can enter the workforce and begin seeking entry-level roles. 

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing

A bachelor’s degree in business marketing is a standard four year program that teaches students an advanced understanding of the marketing field as well as provides opportunities for post-graduation job placement. Bachelor’s programs can be completed at a single school and often have resources for students that are preparing to enter the workforce. 

There are often concentrations that students can choose from, which include digital marketing and professional selling, to name a couple. In my experience, pursuing a bachelor’s degree is a great way to break into the field of business marketing and hit the ground running. 

Master’s Degree in Business Marketing

If you’re looking to further your knowledge of business marketing and nurture important professional connections within your cohort, getting a Master’s in Business Marketing is a great step in the right direction. 

A master’s program allows enrolled students the opportunity to further their expertise in business marketing theory through classroom and lab-based courses to prepare them for real-life scenarios where these skills are put to the test. Most programs last one to two years, which is a great way for recent graduates with a bachelor’s, as well as working professionals to further their academic experiences to land higher-paying, senior roles after school. 

PhD in Business Marketing

At the doctoral level, business marketing PhD programs are completed in four to six years, and are the highest level of education attainable for the sector. For prospective students interested in enrolling in a PhD track but worried about the financial implications, many programs are funded which allows applicants to offset the prospective fees with academic grants. 

Post-graduation job placement is a critical aspect of pursuing a PhD program, and many students benefit from the faculty and staff connections they make during their time as TA’s (teacher’s assistants) and research fellows, which are often a requirement to complete this degree. For many graduates, there are opportunities to work in the private sector for advertising and marketing firms, as well as land academic roles teaching other students about business marketing theory, providing ample flexibility and opportunity regardless of their career path. 

Online Business Marketing Degree

For students and working professionals, the thought of starting another degree can be daunting with the time constraints required for attending classes and completing homework. For those who prefer the flexibility of taking classes from home on their own time, an online degree in business marketing can be a great alternative to in-person instruction. Online coursework can allow students to watch lectures asynchronously and take tests from the comfort of their home. While in-person programs may allow students to create more personal connections and professional opportunities after graduation, online programs can also be a great way for those interested in breaking into the business marketing field. 

What Can you do with a Business Marketing degree?

There are several business marketing jobs you can pursue after you’ve earned your business marketing degree. Let’s take a look at three career paths you could follow.

Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

  • Salary: $133k/yr
  • Education required: Bachelor’s degree
  • Career opportunities: 300,000+ jobs nationwide
  • Job growth projections: 10% increase in jobs between 2020-2030

Market Research Analysts

  • Salary: $63,000/yr
  • Education required: Bachelor’s degree
  • Career opportunities: 740,000+ jobs nationwide
  • Job growth projections: 22% increase in jobs between 2020-2030

Sales Managers:

  • Salary: $127,000/yr
  • Education required: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Career opportunities: 390,000 jobs nationwide
  • Job growth projections: 7% increase in jobs between 2020-2030


  • What's the Difference Between a Master's Degree in Marketing and an MBA with a Concentration in Marketing?

    • There are some key differences between pursuing a marketing master’s and enrolling in an MBA program with a concentration in marketing. 

      • A Master’s in Marketing program prepares students to work for advertising and marketing departments in any company to manage campaigns and reach target audiences. 
      • MBA programs with a concentration in Marketing typically prepare graduates to hold managerial and leadership roles in a given organization. 

      These programs cover business operations and workforce management strategies, while marketing master’s graduates learn more about the theoretical aspects of marketing and its applications in real-world business development programs. 

      If you’re interested in starting your own company after graduation, an MBA with a concentration in marketing is a good way to gain the necessary skills to manage not only your business but also the marketing needed to reach your client base. 

  • How much does it cost to get a business marketing degree?

    • Depending on whether you’re attending an in-state or out-of-state school, or applying to a private institution as opposed to a public one, getting a degree in business marketing can vary. In-state programs can range anywhere from $10,000 - $50,000 per year. Given the range of tuition, it is critical for prospective students to assess what the best option for them will be financially so that they are prepared to make these commitments before beginning their program.
  • How long does it take to get a business marketing degree?

    • Most entry-level roles in the business marketing field require applicants to hold a Bachelor’s in Business Marketing, which typically takes four years to complete. For those who are interested in furthering their academic experience, master’s programs often last between one and two years, while doctorates can take up to four or more years to complete.


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