15 Ways College Students Can Use ChatGPT

Written by James Mielke
Published on June 17, 2023 · Updated on June 19, 2023

15 Ways College Students Can Use ChatGPT

Written by James Mielke
Published on June 17, 2023 · Updated on June 19, 2023

AI Is Changing The World

People often freak out when new technologies catch on and change the status quo. The wheel, radio, television, cameras, automobiles!? All of these innovations came with a chorus of naysayers hysterically predicting the end of the world. So of course, some folks have been equally concerned about ChatGPT and AI technology.

But for college students, tools like ChatGPT can actually aid in their education. From helping you edit papers to preparing for your first post-college job interview, AI technology can help.

Throughout this page, we've outlined 15 ways that college students can use ChatGPT to make college life easier.

15 Ways College Students Can Use ChatGPT To Make Life Easier

1. Narrowing down what college to attend

While ChatGPT can't evaluate which specific school is right for you, AI tools can point you toward some schools worth considering. By simply asking ChatGPT to assist in finding the right school and describing what you’re looking for, you'll receive a relatively comprehensive list of things you could consider, including academic programs, rankings, campus culture, location, and financial aid opportunities.

Even though this list is helpful enough, ChatGPT can help more if you offer specific prompts. Consider noting your skills, prospective major, price, and location to help the AI technology offer a more personalized and detailed list of colleges. From there, you can begin to do your own research and campus visits to narrow down the best school for you.

In the following example, we've used the following prompt:

"What are the best schools for me: strong computer science program, public school, located in Maryland"

Here's the result:

2. Essay writing help 

Now, let's preface this section with a note on ethics: just because ChatGPT can assist in essay-writing doesn't mean you should turn in an AI-generated essay. Plus, your college instructors have access to evolving and sophisticated programs that can spot AI-crafted essays. ChatGPT is a tool and likely spits out prose that feels artificial.

Still, ChatGPT can assist you with essay writing. Whether you're searching for more information on a topic, you need help brainstorming essay topics, or you want to evaluate the quality of your writing, AI technology can help. And that’s where you can take the reigns and do the actual writing of the essay.

ChatGPT prompt:

"List unique essay ideas about Let Us Now Praise Famous Men for undergraduate history class"

3. Generating practice problems to help students study

Whether you're taking a college-level calculus class or a course on American poetry, AI can generate practice problems or questions that can enhance your studying or test your knowledge. Like any ChatGPT prompt, you'll want to be very specific about what you want. Additionally, you can also copy and paste sections of a reading and ask it to write review questions.

ChatGPT prompt:

"Write review questions for Chapter 1 of The Great Gatsby"

4. Choosing a College Major based on career goals

Just like ChatGPT can assist in your college search, AI can help you choose a college major. When using AI, be sure to include career goals in the prompt. Also, consider including skills and interests—this information can narrow the focus of potential college majors.

ChatGPT prompt:

"List ideal undergraduate degrees for future lawyer. Above average math and science skills."

5. Research Assistant

When crafting the perfect essay, research can be a challenging and laborious task. But because ChatGPT can plumb the depths of the internet to find helpful information, finding great sources for essays has gotten much more manageable. That said, be sure to double-check the sources AI provides since the free and original version of ChatGPT could only use data from two years ago. More recent updates or paid versions have given the tool access to real time internet. We provided a sample prompt with ChatGPT results below.

ChatGPT prompt:

"List of academic articles about the Cuban Missile Crisis"

6. Learning Another Language

Whether you're completing foreign language requirements or preparing for a study abroad excursion, AI technology can help you learn a new language. By conversing with AI like ChatGPT, you can practice grammar, learn vocabulary, and enhance your writing skills. As we've discussed before, be sure to be specific with your prompts.

ChatGPT prompt:

"List of practical travel-related phrases for American student traveling to France"

7. Mental Health Support

College is often a stressful time, and tending to your mental health can result in a more fulfilling and memorable college experience. While there's no better mental health support than from a licensed professional, AI can point you in the right direction. From locating mental health providers to offering some tips and tricks to handling the stress of finals, ChatGPT can help. Additionally, your campus has professionals on hand who can help. All you have to do is ask.

ChatGPT prompt:

"What are some proven ways to manage stress during final exams?"

8. Building a resume

Maybe you're applying for a summer internship, or perhaps you're about to graduate. Either way, crafting a solid resume is essential if you want to be a competitive applicant. ChatGPT [t1] can offer guidance and suggestions on elements like content and language. Additionally, ChatGPT can provide feedback on language clarity, grammar, and overall professionalism.

ChatGPT prompt:

"List attributes of a quality resume"

9. Finding and Applying for Financial Aid

ChatGPT can provide guidance on finding and applying for college financial aid. From helping you understand different types of aid to advising on completing the FAFSA, AI technology can help. Still, it's wise to get valuable information from the source—if you're wondering about a scholarship deadline, check the application. Or, if you have questions when filling out the FAFSA, be sure to speak with a professional. ChatGPT is, after all, still a robot.

ChatGPT prompt:

"List of five tips for writing a standout scholarship application essay"

10. Essay and homework feedback

AI can offer helpful feedback by offering suggestions on structure, clarity, coherence, grammar, and style. Additionally, it can help identify areas that need improvement while providing ways to strengthen arguments and improve writing. Remember, tools like ChatGPT are just that: a resource that shouldn't replace human review. So don’t think you can get away with having it actually do your homework.

ChatGPT prompt:

"List argument ideas why Lyndon Johnson was an effective president"

11. Explaining assignments in a different way more conducive to a student’s learning style

Sometimes your instructors will offer instructions that might as well be written in an unintelligible foreign language. Or maybe it’s just not explained in the way that your brain likes to think. Thankfully, ChatGPT and other AI tools can help translate. If you need something translated to accommodate your learning style, just copy the text into ChatGPT and prompt it to rewrite it in a more conversational tone.

ChatGPT prompt:

"Reword in a conversational tone: Analyze the socio-political factors that contributed to the outbreak of World War II and assess their impact on global geopolitics during the 20th century"

12. Interview Preparation

As we discussed previously, ChatGPT can help you craft a standout resume, but the help doesn't stop there. AI can also help you prepare for your job interview. If you include specific job details, ChatGPT can reply with some interview tips and potential interview questions.

ChatGPT prompt:

"List of possible interview questions for admin job in the admissions department at a small private college"

13. Decision-Making

Chat CPT can offer some practical assistance when you're pressed to make important decisions and will clearly lay out the pros and cons, if you ask. Now, AI is indeed artificial, so you should probably also rely on the advice of friends and family. But this is an interesting tool that can provide some unbiased help.

ChatGPT prompt: 

"Should I work and enjoy my summer vacation or complete an unrequited internship? Pros and cons."

14. Time Management

ChatGPT can provide advice on effective time management, productivity techniques, and strategies for organizing coursework and assignments. You can offer a specific prompt with your time management challenge, and AI will do its work.

ChatGPT prompt:

"I'm struggling to complete all my required college-level history reading. Five tips for effective reading"

15. It can be fun, too

Sure, ChatGPT can be a practical tool to help you navigate your college experience. But it can be fun, too. From nightlife tips in a new city to crafting entertaining rap lyrics, ChatGPT can exist as a tool for amusement and useful, everyday knowledge.

ChatGPT prompt:

"What are the best museums in Philadelphia?"


We've said it once, and we'll repeat it: ChatGPT isn't intended as a substitute for the real work you do in college. Using AI to write things for you is plagiarism and comes with all the same consequences. That said, ChatGPT can be a useful tool if used ethically.

Additionally, ChatGPT has a lag in data, so it may not always be able to provide you with the most up-to-date data – especially if you’re using the free version. Be sure to verify any information that ChatGPT provides.


  • Can college tell if you use ChatGPT?
    • In most cases, it's highly unlikely that a college or institution can determine if you've used ChatGPT for basic assistance. However, technology is evolving, and plagiarism detection programs are becoming increasingly sophisticated. There are tools you can run essays and assignments through to check for signs of AI. You can use ChatGPT as a tool, but it's worthwhile to take pride in your work and write things for yourself.
  • Can I write a ChatGPT college essay?
    • While ChatGPT can provide helpful information and suggestions, it is never recommended to directly use it to write college essays. You must develop your own ideas, critical-thinking skills, and writing abilities. After all, you are in college to learn and develop skills you’ll use for the rest of your life. Use ChatGPT as a resource for guidance and inspiration, but ensure your essay reflects your original voice.
  • What resources can I use other than ChatGPT?
    • Alongside ChatGPT, it's worth utilizing other, more traditional resources. Popular sources include libraries, academic databases, writing centers, and your instructor's office hours. AI is a great tool, but nothing beats the help you can get from human-to-human instruction.
  • How can ChatGPT help me as a student?
    • ChatGPT can assist you in what seems like endless ways. From answering questions and exploring ideas to research support and study planning, ChatGPT can help. This AI tool can also review your essays, help you prepare for exams, and help you learn another language.
  • Is ChatGPT cheating?
    • ChatGPT is a tool, and using it for academic purposes is not inherently considered cheating. However, it's important to adhere to academic integrity guidelines set by your institution and ensure that you use ChatGPT ethically and responsibly.