25 Best Work From Home Jobs For Teachers

Written by Beth Hering
Published on September 22, 2022 · Updated on March 23, 2023

25 Best Work From Home Jobs For Teachers

Written by Beth Hering
Published on September 22, 2022 · Updated on March 23, 2023

Think obtaining a teaching degree automatically limits your career to working in a classroom? While on-site schools remain the largest employer of graduates from teaching programs, plenty of other options exist – including work from home jobs!

Many teachers became remote workers during the COVID-19 pandemic when schools moved to online teaching. When institutions reopened, the majority returned to in-person instruction. This taste of remote work, however, led some professionals to wonder about the possibility of making telecommuting a permanent part of their life.

The great news is that the skills necessary to lead a physical classroom of students are often the same qualities employers seek for education jobs based out of one’s own home. Your ability to help others learn new material could make you a great ESL instructor or online math tutor. Your excellence at communicating opens up doors to writing and public relations positions. And employers looking to fill abundant openings in virtual assisting and remote customer service welcome teachers to transfer their outstanding organizational and interpersonal skills to these home-based occupations.

Financially, work from home jobs can pay quite nicely. Educational consultants, technical writers, executive function coaches, and online college professors all average a salary over $70,000 per year. In any remote position, people typically see their earnings go farther. They eliminate the cost of a daily commute, may save money on insurance by being a low-use driver, and put less wear-and-tear on their car. Telecommuters also may spend less on clothing, dry cleaning, pet-sitting services, and childcare.

Likely, though, a primary attraction of seeking a remote job is the work-life balance it affords. If you’re ready to put your teaching degree to good use in a new capacity, read on to learn about education jobs and other positions that can be done at home and how to land one. 

Online Careers with a Teaching Degree

What career options exist for teachers looking to move into work from home employment? Plenty! Whether you want to teach, focus on another aspect of education, or do something quite different with your skills, possibilities abound. Here’s a look at 25 exciting positions to consider: 

1. Online K-12 Teacher

Educators who enjoyed working from home during the pandemic may want to make the move to online teaching a permanent thing. Remote classrooms offer instruction to children and teens who for health or other reasons do not participate in on-site learning. Tasks vary by grade level and situation but may include responsibilities such as planning lessons, teaching concepts, grading assignments, finding supplementary material, and informing parents of progress.

2. Online Special Education Teacher

Similar to K-12 teachers, instructors credentialed to teach special education can find opportunities to lead remote classrooms, work with small groups, or interact one-to-one. Responsibilities can include adapting material, crafting and implementing IEPs, communicating with other relevant staff members, updating families on progress, and maintaining files. This can be a very rewarding career.

3. Online Adjunct Professor/Instructor

Online degree programs have been gaining steam for numerous years, and the pandemic further brought this post-secondary educational option into the limelight. Colleges and universities employ instructors with a master’s degree or higher to teach classes in their area of expertise via online learning. Classes may meet virtually at scheduled times throughout the week, or the instructor may video-record lectures for students to watch at their convenience. 

Remote professors also perform typical duties such as constructing a syllabus, assigning and grading homework and other assessments, and providing additional help to students in need.

4. Online Tutor

Tutors provide individual or small group help to students. Math and English tutors are commonly in demand, but any subject in which someone could benefit from personal instruction is open to online tutoring. Likewise, tutors can work with any grade level. 

work from home tutors typically conduct sessions via Zoom or other video-conferencing platforms. Remote tutors perform tasks such as reading drafts of papers, assisting the student in understanding material read, explaining concepts, working through math problems together, and developing study strategies. 

5. Test Preparation Tutor

Scores on standardized tests such as the SAT and the ACT can be an important determinant in college admissions. Test prep tutors work directly with individuals and small groups via online video conferencing to prepare students to maximize success. 

Tutors may evaluate current knowledge, teach important concepts, impart test-taking strategies, and promote relaxation for clearer thinking. High school teachers often make good test prep tutors because of their experience with the age group and the material covered. Teachers with expertise in a particular subject may be suited to tutor for other tests, such as English instructors helping prospective MBA students prepare for the GMAT.

6. ESL Instructor

Remote ESL (English as a Second Language) instructors help non-native speakers of any age in the United States or abroad learn to read, speak, and understand the language. Instruction takes place online through one-to-one or group meetings. Knowledge of a foreign language can give job candidates an edge, though such a background is not essential. Rather, employers look more for patient, creative educators willing to adapt to the needs of their students.

7. Public Relations

Who better to tout the value of education than teachers? With their love for learning and solid communication skills, teachers make great brand ambassadors for educational service companies and institutions of higher learning. Remote PR jobs might involve writing news releases, corresponding with potential students and their parents, and getting the employer’s name and offerings into the public eye. 

8. Social Media Coordinator

Colleges know that attracting new students in today’s world involves a strong social media presence. Thus, many institutions of higher learning hire staff to promote their mission, values, offerings, and culture via social platforms. Remote workers may write about exciting happenings on campus, answer questions from prospective applicants, and evaluate metrics such as shares, comments, and hits.

9. Fundraiser

A passion for education makes current and former teachers naturals for this profession. Whether encouraging funding for a private school or tapping graduates to give back to their college alma mater, teachers know how to get others excited about the educational possibilities that donations turn into realities. Tasks may include identifying donors, organizing funding campaigns, and analyzing data to track giving patterns.

10. Admissions Representative

Colleges and other institutions of higher learning (especially those with online degree programs) employ admissions representatives to attract and counsel students. These professionals connect with prospective applicants, discuss educational goals, showcase institutional offerings, go over admissions requirements, and answer questions. They also play a key role in presenting payment options and assisting with obtaining financial aid. While much of a remote admissions rep’s job gets done through email, texts, online chat, and phone calls, some may need to periodically travel to recruitment events.

11. Virtual Career Coach

A variety of public and private organizations employ career coaches to help students and/or adult job seekers explore occupational choices. Tasks can include appraising interests, outlining educational and training paths, identifying open positions, helping create resumes and other application materials, and encouraging success. Teachers who pride themselves on their ability to motivate students may find coaching particularly rewarding, especially if they’re coaching other teachers!

12. Virtual Executive Function Coach

Want to help others become more productive, organized, and confident? Virtual executive function coaches work with students and adults who have difficulty with things such as focus, self-regulation, time management, planning, and flexible thinking. Coaches meet virtually with clients for one-on-one sessions and sporadic check-ins. They evaluate problems, develop strategies, and evaluate progress. Companies that train people as virtual executive function coaches prefer candidates with a master’s degree in education.

13. Education Sales Representative

First-hand experience with textbooks, software, and other educational products puts teachers in an excellent position to sell these items to others. Likewise, effective sales reps understand the needs of their customers and the challenges they face. As a fellow educator, teachers can talk to school decision-makers in ways they understand. Work from home jobs in sales generally involve a good deal of time on the phone and/or computer promoting products, answering questions, and taking orders.

14.  Textbook Editor

Want to influence what gets covered in a classroom? Textbook editors guide textbooks from idea through completion. They work with authors and illustrators on things such as what to include, how to say it, what pictures or charts will assist with comprehension, and how the book fits into market demand. They also ensure the final product is thoroughly fact-checked and error-free. Textbook editors often have either a strong background in a particular academic subject or substantial experience working with a particular age group.

15. Editor

Textbooks aren’t the only medium requiring the services of a good editor. All sorts of print and online publications hire people to oversee content. Remote editors do the same sort of tasks as in-office ones: 

  • Fact-check
  • Look for errors
  • Rewrite material for clarity or length
  • Come up with story ideas
  • Assign topics to writers

An interest or background in the subject matter boosts your candidacy, such as when a science teacher applies for a job editing an environmental magazine.

16. Proofreader

Are you the type of teacher who is always telling students to double-check their work? Consider heeding your own advice by establishing a career as a home-based proofreader. From law offices to publishing houses, any place that wants to ensure error-free documents benefits from the services of an eagle-eyed proofreader who can spot grammatical, typographical, mathematical, or compositional errors.

17. Assessment Writer

Learning involves not only presenting material but also evaluating how well students grasp and retain those concepts. Assessment writers develop comprehension questions, writing prompts, math problems, and other items designed to measure learning outcomes. Their work may appear on standardized tests, in textbooks, or in educational software.

18. Education Writer

Journalists often specialize in covering certain subjects based on their background. With a college degree and experience in school settings, teachers possess great potential to write about education-related topics. 

Outlets include newspapers, magazines, industry publications, blogs, and online media. Topics covered depend on the mission of the employer but could include things like college rankings, educational trends, government mandates, local school systems, funding, and diversity initiatives.

19. Technical Writer

Effective teachers break down concepts in ways that their students will understand. Outstanding technical writers do the same thing when they craft instruction manuals, how-to guides, summaries of journal articles, and other documents designed to be read by non-experts. Especially in demand are candidates who have a background in science or computer science.

20. Grant Writer

Each year, a variety of public and private foundations award billions of dollars to advance specific causes. Organizations hire grant writers to research, draft, and submit proposals to compete for these funds. With their attention to detail, command of language, and interest in furthering academic enrichment, teachers prove competent and enthusiastic grant writers for educational initiatives.

21. Educational Consultant

When individuals, schools, or the government need advice and opinions on specific education-related issues, they seek the services of a consultant. Their in-depth knowledge helps clients explore options and obtain results. Because of the amount of expertise required to explore a particular issue and offer solutions, educational consultants usually possess a graduate degree and/or a substantial work history in educational environments.

22. Instructional Coordinator

These professionals, sometimes called curriculum specialists, examine what gets taught in schools and how well students grasp material. Many evaluate how student scores on standardized tests measure up to requirements set by the government and individual school boards. 

Common employers of instructional coordinators include public and private elementary and secondary schools, the government, colleges, and educational support services. The position requires a master’s degree in education or in curriculum and instruction. Applicants typically possess a significant work history as a teacher.

23. Training and Development Specialist

School is not the only place in which learning occurs. Businesses hire training and development specialists to work with management in determining what skills employees need to develop in order to keep the organization growing and competitive. Putting together training material, evaluating online modules, determining the most cost-effective ways to acquire knowledge, and leading virtual presentations are some of the tasks they may perform. Employers often value job candidates who studied education because of their strong communication skills and ability to teach others.

23. Customer Service Representative

All sorts of businesses hire remote staff members to handle customer inquiries. Work from home reps field questions via phone, email, or online chat. They may place orders, schedule appointments or reservations, make recommendations, explain services or warranty policies, or look into delivery problems. Employers often consider teachers attractive job candidates because of their outstanding communication skills, problem-solving capabilities, positive attitude, and patience with people who are angry or frustrated.

25. Virtual Assistant

Companies hire virtual assistants to provide administrative assistance from a remote location. Here are some common tasks for the position:

  • Calendar and schedule management
  • Travel arrangement
  • Answering and directing calls
  • Billing activities
  • Monitoring email
  • Maintaining records
  • Updating social media profiles

Teachers looking to move into this fast-growing field may want to tout their organizational skills and ability to communicate well. Excellent typing skills and familiarity with a variety of computer programs also proves attractive to employers.

*Note throughout that the BLS categorizes remote and on-site work together for given occupations

How To Find Freelance Work From Home Jobs as a Teacher

Unsure if you want to take the plunge into something different than on-site classroom teaching? Freelance work provides the chance to test the waters and earn some extra money in the process. It also gets a foot in the door should you decide to apply for a permanent position.

Companies hire independent contractors (also known as gig workers) to help with special projects or to perform services beyond the capacity of current staff. The relationship may be limited or on-going. 

An online learning platform, for instance, may assemble a pool of freelancers that it turns to as needs arise. 

An educational publication, however, might contract with a freelance writer to regularly write one in-depth article every month. Freelancers are not considered employees and do not receive benefits.

Two popular places to find freelance positions are Upwork and FlexJobs. Note too that companies that hire teachers for permanent remote positions also often seek freelance help. It pays to explore the career pages for the organizations previously mentioned.

Thinking perhaps you would like to venture into freelancing as a way of life? The ability to set your own schedule and pick and choose jobs makes for great work-life balance and interesting assignments. However, it also involves building a steady stream of customers.

Today, freelancers often use social media to build a presence and attract potential clients. Popular social media networks for growing a business include: 

Companies That Hire Teachers to Work Remotely

An effective way to learn about the variety of remote job opportunities available to those possessing a bachelor’s degree or higher in education is to examine actual job postings. 

Check out the “career” section of these educational institutions, test preparation services, textbook creators, and other organizations known for encouraging teachers to apply for remote roles:

Other Places That Post Full-time and Part-time Work from Home Jobs for Teachers

When conducting a job search, teachers often turn to K12JobSpot, a popular source of teaching jobs throughout the nation. Teachers desiring at-home positions can filter results by using the word “remote” to obtain a list of school districts and other organizations looking to fill remote positions.

Major job boards also post positions of potential interest to teachers looking for new opportunities. Again, use filters to target remote openings. Sites to try include:

And, of course, current teachers may want to check out their own employer’s human resources page. Many places have developed work from home jobs involving teaching, mentoring, tutoring, or otherwise assisting students who could benefit from extra services or who are unable to attend school in person. Being a known quantity should give you a leg up over outside applicants.

Whether you ultimately decide to seek full-time or part-time remote work, freelance for a living or for extra money, stay in a traditional on-site classroom, or some combination thereof, the good thing to know is that plenty of employers value your teaching degree. As you undoubtedly tell your students, education opens up a world of possibilities!


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