Education Degree Careers: It’s Not All About Being a Teacher

Most people assume an education degree only results in jobs as a teacher. While this is predominantly the case, there are other positions that you can qualify for with an education degree. Whether you get your Master’s or Doctorate, you can take specialized concentrations, which can lead to many different careers. What are some jobs that are available to you if you get an online education degree? 

Teacher or Professor

Most education majors go into teaching as their profession. Whether it is Pre-K – 12 or college courses, teachers that are dedicated to sharing their knowledge. Teachers are needed throughout schools and universities worldwide. Some teachers choose to specialize in ESOL (English as a Second Language), gifted education, special education, school administration, and more. After an initial Bachelor’s degree, many teachers obtain postgraduate degrees to gain more concentrated learning and increase their income. 


Students often need guidance on personal issues, as well as college and career topics. Education majors with a counseling focus find they have the knowledge necessary to help students. They can serve as a psychologist, guidance counselor, career counselor, education consultant, and counselor/recruiter (College Express, n.d.). The education degree is an excellent start for these careers. 


While most people associate the word “librarian” with the school setting, there are many types of libraries. Examples of such include medical or legal libraries. A person with an education degree and a specialized degree in Library Science can work in any setting (The Balance Careers, n.d.). A librarian helps people to learn, via many different types of media. This is a good career path depending on whether you want to work with children or not. 

Writer or Editor

Skills learned in an education program can be an excellent base for becoming a writer or editor (The Balance Careers, n.d.). During your schooling, you learn how to share information and teaching, which can be a skill that can come in very handy for a writing or editing career. If you have taught a particular subject for a long time, that gives you an excellent subject to specialize in, which can set you apart from others. 

Education Product Sales and Textbook Sales

Who better to sell education products than someone who has taught from them for years? Your education degree can be a great foundation for a career in sales, especially when it comes to selling textbooks. Other learning/education products can also be sold (Education Degree, n.d.). You will be in a unique position of understanding how to use different materials and their values in the education world. 


Government Consulting Work

An education degree and experience in teaching puts you in a unique position. “If you’ve been in the classroom, you are already probably familiar with some of the policies and laws that shape education,” says Josh Duke from FSU (Duke, 2018). From state-level education initiatives to positions with the US Department of Education, you will make an excellent advocate for education and teachers. 


“The skills teachers acquire are in high demand, and they are also transferable to a host of occupations,” says Ed News Daily (Ed News Daily, n.d.).An online education degree can be a great starting point for many different careers. Whether you spend time in a classroom or not, you will have skills and knowledge that can make you very marketable in many different sectors, from the government to public service and more. 

By: Janis Rodgers