Top Paying States For Computer Programmers 2023

Written by Thomas Short
Published on February 26, 2023 · Updated on April 8, 2023

Top Paying States For Computer Programmers 2023

Written by Thomas Short
Published on February 26, 2023 · Updated on April 8, 2023

Computer programming is a lucrative and growing field with job opportunities nationwide. Whether you’re working for a large tech company like Apple or a small private startup, there are many ways to pursue a career in computer programming. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the national average salary for programmers is $95,640, though salaries vary depending on where you work. For example, programmers in California and Washington can expect higher average salaries than their counterparts in Pennsylvania and Florida, which can be attributed to a variety of factors including cost of living. 

Whether you’re looking to maximize your potential income or are curious how much computer programmers are paid in your state, you can find the top paying states for computer programmers here.

How To Increase Your Computer Programming Salary

While you could increase your salary by moving states, education provides a reliable way to secure a pay bump and possibly even a promotion. Many professionals in the field of computer programming pursue secondary degrees such as a master’s or Ph.D. to further their knowledge of the subject and raise their projected salary post-graduation. 

Due to the competitive nature of the field, it is important to note that applicants with graduate degrees can apply for management-level positions that recent bachelor’s degree graduates may not be eligible for given their minimal professional experience. 

Colleges and universities offer 1-2 year master’s programs designed for busy, working students. These programs offer courses entirely online, and many provide plenty of flexibility through asynchronous learning. 

States With The Highest Programmer Salaries

1. Washington

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $177,210

Hourly Mean Wage: $85.20

Number of Computer Programmers: 5,160

2. District of Columbia

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $119,010

Hourly Mean Wage: $57.22

Number of Computer Programmers: 360

3. California

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $107,000

Hourly Mean Wage: $51.59

Number of Computer Programmers: 21,800

4. Virginia

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $103,150

Hourly Mean Wage: $49.59

Number of Computer Programmers: 6,750

5. Texas

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $102,650

Hourly Mean Wage: $49.35

Number of Computer Programmers: 18,070

6. Massachusetts

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $102,170

Hourly Mean Wage: $49.12

Number of Computer Programmers: 5,450

7. Illinois

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $100,320

Hourly Mean Wage: $48.23

Number of Computer Programmers: 6,970

8. North Carolina

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $97,200

Hourly Mean Wage: $46.73

Number of Computer Programmers: 5,360

9. Maryland

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $95,320

Hourly Mean Wage: $45.83

Number of Computer Programmers: 5,880

10. Vermont

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $93,760

Hourly Mean Wage: $45.08

Number of Computer Programmers: 230

11. New Jersey

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $92,980

Hourly Mean Wage: $44.70

Number of Computer Programmers: 7,120

12. Pennsylvania

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $92,760

Hourly Mean Wage: $44.60

Number of Computer Programmers: 7,420

13. Alaska

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $92,390

Hourly Mean Wage: $44.42

Number of Computer Programmers: 510

14. Georgia

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $91,390

Hourly Mean Wage: $43.94

Number of Computer Programmers: 4,280

15. New York

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $91,290

Hourly Mean Wage: $49.89

Number of Computer Programmers: 12,910

16. Delaware

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $90,930

Hourly Mean Wage: $43.72

Number of Computer Programmers: 760

17. Arizona

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $90,680

Hourly Mean Wage: $43.60

Number of Computer Programmers: 2,390

18. Wisconsin

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $89,670

Hourly Mean Wage: $43.11

Number of Computer Programmers: 4,310

19. Connecticut

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $88,370

Hourly Mean Wage: $42.49

Number of Computer Programmers: 2,260

20. Alabama

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $88,040

Hourly Mean Wage: $42.33

Number of Computer Programmers: 3,870

21. Minnesota

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $87,940

Hourly Mean Wage: $42.28

Number of Computer Programmers: 3,330

22. Nevada

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $87,830

Hourly Mean Wage: $42.23

Number of Computer Programmers: 1,010

23. Hawaii

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $87,100

Hourly Mean Wage: $41.88

Number of Computer Programmers: 480

24. Tennessee

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $86,930

Hourly Mean Wage: $42.79

Number of Computer Programmers: 2,330

25. Ohio

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $86,440

Hourly Mean Wage: $41.56

Number of Computer Programmers: 5,480

26. Maine

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $86,360

Hourly Mean Wage: $41.52

Number of Computer Programmers: 540

27. Louisiana

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: 85,870

Hourly Mean Wage: $41.28

Number of Computer Programmers: 2,220

28. Indiana

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $85,560

Hourly Mean Wage: $41.14

Number of Computer Programmers: 3,180

29. Arkansas

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $85,390

Hourly Mean Wage: $41.08

Number of Computer Programmers: 1,550

30. Utah

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $85,160

Hourly Mean Wage: $40.94

Number of Computer Programmers: 2,210

31. Colorado

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $84,900

Hourly Mean Wage: $40.82

Number of Computer Programmers: 1,990

32. Oregon

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $84,010

Hourly Mean Wage: $40.39

Number of Computer Programmers: 1,530

33. Kansas

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $83,590

Hourly Mean Wage: $40.19

Number of Computer Programmers: 1,010

34. New Hampshire

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $83,530

Hourly Mean Wage: $40.16

Number of Computer Programmers: 1,230

35. Missouri

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $82,590

Hourly Mean Wage: $39.71

Number of Computer Programmers: 3,400

36. Montana

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $82,410

Hourly Mean Wage: $39.62

Number of Computer Programmers: 690

37. Oklahoma

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $82,050

Hourly Mean Wage: $39.45

Number of Computer Programmers: 1,060

38. Florida

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $80,070

Hourly Mean Wage: $38.50

Number of Computer Programmers: 18,070

39. South Carolina

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $79,960

Hourly Mean Wage: $38.44

Number of Computer Programmers: 2,050

40. West Virginia

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $79,210

Hourly Mean Wage: $38.08

Number of Computer Programmers: 370

41. Nebraska

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $78,180

Hourly Mean Wage: $37.59

Number of Computer Programmers: 1,600

42. North Dakota

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $77,260

Hourly Mean Wage: $37.15

Number of Computer Programmers: 480

43. Wyoming

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $77,140

Hourly Mean Wage: $37.09

Number of Computer Programmers: 170

44. Michigan

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $77,520

Hourly Mean Wage: $36.31

Number of Computer Programmers: 3,410

45. Kentucky

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $74,810

Hourly Mean Wage: $35.97

Number of Computer Programmers: 1,190

46. New Mexico

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $74,180

Hourly Mean Wage: $35.66

Number of Computer Programmers: 980

47. Iowa

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $73,110

Hourly Mean Wage: $35.15

Number of Computer Programmers: 1,470

48. Idaho

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $72,380

Hourly Mean Wage: $34.80

Number of Computer Programmers: 750

49. Mississippi

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $71,450

Hourly Mean Wage: $34.35

Number of Computer Programmers: 830

50. South Dakota

Mean Computer Programmer Salary: $58,250

Hourly Mean Wage: $28.00

Number of Computer Programmers: 360


Our team referenced data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics projections on job opportunities and salaries, along with data to determine the geographic implications of accepting a position in the field. Understanding employment data is a great way to research any career regardless of the industry and is a powerful tool for prospective students and professionals looking to further their job opportunities. However, note that no amount of education or state data guarantees that an individual will secure a specific job or earn a specific salary.