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Regent University

  • Founded in 1977
  • Christian
  • 206 Programs
  • Online Learning
  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate

Christian Leadership to Change the World

Our foundation is the heart of what we stand for at Regent, and it drives everything we do. It’s what truly makes us different. Though the words you use may vary, all communications should be rooted in these ideas.

Regent Mission

Regent University serves as a center of Christian thought and action to provide excellent education through a Biblical perspective and global context, equipping Christian leaders to change the world.

Regent Vision

To be the most influential, Christian, transformational university in the world.

Regent Values

  • Christ First - Regent University has as its focal point the teachings, practices, and person of Jesus Christ, and fosters a transdenominational environment.
  • Excellence - Regent University will be recognized for its education, scholarship, service, and workplace environment.
  • Leadership - Regent University values authentic, servant leadership, and seeks to equip leaders to have a global impact.

Faith-based Foundation

Regent will unswervingly maintain a Christ-centered course, founded and propelled on Biblical principles and fully promoting Christian leadership among its staff, faculty, and students.

Student-Centered Approach

Premier education demands that student learning be the primary emphasis of the university mission. Regent will maintain that emphasis by providing the most effective, forward-thinking instruction provided through innovative delivery systems that meet the lifestyle of both traditional students and working adults.

High-Quality Environment

Regent will provide exemplary physical, social and online environments, which promote high morale and increased productivity throughout the Regent community. Maintaining high-caliber employees and providing ongoing development activities ensure that the university fully promotes Regent’s mission among faculty and staff, for the good of each student and for the cause of Christ.