20 Holiday Teacher Gift Ideas for Educators

Written by Tien Rooney
Published on January 8, 2023 · Updated on May 28, 2023

20 Holiday Teacher Gift Ideas for Educators

Written by Tien Rooney
Published on January 8, 2023 · Updated on May 28, 2023

As the holidays are approaching, are you stumped on what to give your favorite teacher, professor, counselor, principal, or all-around educator? Trying to break away from the classic “apple a day” type of gifts? For a teacher, professor, counselor, or education who’s made a difference in your life or your child’s life, you want a gift that tells them you appreciate all that they do. Here is a list of great holiday gifts that your teacher will undoubtedly love!

1. Starbucks Gift Card

Who doesn’t love Starbucks? Seriously. Cash and gift cards never get returned, and this plastic gift of gratitude can go a long way in keeping your teacher caffeinated and happy with a little pick-me-up. A mid-day Starbucks run might be just what they need in a busy day. And if your teacher doesn’t like coffee, it’s a good thing they also have tea and baked goods! This is a great gift if you aren’t sure what your teacher likes.

2. Teacher Sign Decor

The classic teacher signs and decor are also a great gift for a teacher you feel has made an impact on your life. It will not only touch your teacher’s heart, but it will give them a memorable object to remember you by and help spruce up their classroom.

3. Teacher Travel Coffee Mugs


Back to the coffee again. Teachers don’t always get a lot of sleep making lesson plans and grading papers, so this is a great educator gift idea if you are looking to give multiple teachers presents. They’re cute, useful, and you can pick which quote fits each teacher – what more could you want?

4. Chocolate

Everybody likes chocolate. Well, pretty much everybody. And those who don’t can regift it and save themselves some money down the road. But seriously, chocolate and snacks are a great gift idea if you really aren’t sure what your teacher likes or needs.

5. Teacher Appreciation Gift Box

For the Etsy and crafty type, this gift box comes all prepared and ready to give to your favorite teacher. This teacher gift is great if you don’t have a whole lot of time but want to make sure your teacher feels your gratitude. It comes ready to gift. All you have to do is sign it!

6. Staples Gift Card

Teachers often buy extra materials, supplies, books, and crafts with their own money in order to run an awesome classroom. So, a Staples, Office Max, or Target gift card is a great way to give your teacher a little bit of help this holiday season. Maybe now, your teacher can buy those nice pens for grading or a comfier chair for their desk!

7. Books for the Classroom

Books for your teacher’s classroom library means more than you know to your favorite educator. As we just mentioned, school supplies, like cleaners, markers, notebooks, and even kleenex can be costly for teachers. And books are no exception. Help your teacher spruce up her classroom resources by giving some children’s books. 

8. Chic and Trendy Door Stopper

This door stopper is so cute, it should be considered classroom decor. A door stopper is actually a necessity for elementary school teachers! If you want a gift that will make your favorite teacher’s life easier, get them this adorable door stopper for the holidays. It will save them time from opening the doors when students leave the classroom and stop the interruptions of constant knocking.  

9. Desk Plants

It’s 2021, and plants are all the rage. Whether you’re a snake plant, monstera, or pothos fan, plants and flowers can spruce up any classroom and bring some joy to your teacher. This simple flower box with a sweet note will make your teacher’s day, and it shows appreciation and love. Bonus points if you’re giving this to an environmental science or earth studies teacher.

10. Mini Projector

All students like movie day, right? So check out this mini project for your favorite teacher gift. Maybe this will prompt a few more movie days in the classroom or give your teacher a way to watch movies wherever she goes. 

11. Homemade Gifts

Not all gifts need to cost an arm and a leg. Homemade gifts like rock notes with things you love about your teacher, drawings to hang on their wall, or a homemade calendar can brighten up your teacher’s classroom without breaking the bank. These gift ideas are great if you’re on a smaller budget but still want to give a gift with a big impact.

12. Phrase It Card Game

Does your teacher love games? This card game can be used in the ESL classroom or for an English teacher to help students think critically. This gift will help your teacher with lesson planning and let them do something they enjoy while working.

13. Teacher Stickers

Stickers are versatile. Does your teacher have a water bottle with stickers all over it, or do they have somewhere they can decorate with funny stickers? If so, this gift is perfect for them with funny catchphrases that will more than likely make them laugh. 

14. Classroom Air Purifier

In today’s world, we’re more aware of germs than ever. This small room air purifier will help cleanse your teacher, professor, counselor, or principal’s desk to help keep them healthy through the winter months. There’s nothing better than the gift of health.

15. Metal Bookmark for Graduation

Graduating this coming Spring 2022 and looking to show some appreciation to the teacher who impacted you the most? These bookmarks haave a nice message “Thank you for being part of my story” and will remind your teacher why they do what they do. And this gift also works for a college counselor, principal, or professor who deserves an extra gift this holiday season. 

16. Teacher Grading Stamps

Grading takes time….oh so much time! Want to give your teacher a great holiday gift as well as the gift of time? This collection of grading stamps is perfect, as it comes with an assortment of stamps to help a teacher grade faster and more efficiently.

17. Doordash Gift card 

Okay, so here’s a gift that everyone loves…food! A Doordash gift card is another gift for that teacher who you aren’t sure what they would like but still want to show some appreciation this holiday season. This gift card can be used for any food place that accepts Doordash and can save your teacher a meal or two!

18. Teacher Bracelet

A bracelet can be a great option for your teacher if you notice they wear a lot of jewelry. Another awesome thing about this specific bracelet from Amazon is you can change the letter to match your teacher’s last name.  Plus, it has a cute note that says, “It takes big hearts to teach little minds.” Isn’t that the truth.

19. Portable speaker

Whether it’s in the classroom or at home, your teacher or professor is sure to appreciate a portable speaker. An elementary school teacher might use it to have dance parties with their kids in the classroom, and a college professor might use it at home while BBQing outside. Either way, they’ll be sure to love this new gadget.

20. A letter from the heart

Say your holiday season budget is $0 dollars or you’re still an elementary school student. But, you still want to give your favorite teacher a gift. Write a note explaining how much you appreciate them and enjoy their class. Explain how much of an impact they’ve had on you this year and how much you appreciate their teaching. his present comes from the heart and can have a big impact if you’re honest about it. Just make sure you check the spelling to make them proud!