5 Scholarships for Women in STEM

Published on August 27, 2023 · Updated on October 2, 2023

5 Scholarships for Women in STEM

Published on August 27, 2023 · Updated on October 2, 2023

According to the United State Census Bureau, women make up half of the U.S. workforce but only hold 27% of STEM jobs. While the number of women in STEM jobs has dramatically increased from 8% in 1970, women are still heavily underrepresented in this field. 

STEM jobs include computer, mathematical, engineering, life science, physical science, and social science. 

While not all scholarships are limited to specific degrees, the following STEM scholarships are very specific to females pursuing education in the STEM fields. Requirements for each of the scholarships is very specific, and it is important to make sure you meet all of the requirements prior to applying. General requirements usually include: 

  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Minimum GPA
  • Application
  • Personal essay

The following six STEM scholarships requires the following:

  • Must be female
  • Majoring in STEM fields, law, business, and/or medicine

While there are millions of dollars available, it’s important to stay organized in order to tap into all the available funds. Some tips to remember when applying for scholarships. 

  • Apply early 
  • Stay organized
  • Be honest
  • Read all the requirements carefully
  • Find out what makes you unique
  • Use resources available include counselors and friends/family

5 Scholarships for Women in STEM

  1. American Association of University Selected Professions Fellowships

This scholarship awards $5,000 to women pursuing full-time study in a master’s or professional degree program in which women are underrepresented, including STEM, law, business, and medicine.

  1. Ralph W. Shrader Graduate Diversity Scholarship

Awarded by the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, Educational Foundation, is a $3,000 scholarship for full-time students enrolled in their second semester (or at least two semester-equivalent) and currently pursuing a graduate degree at any accredited academic institution in the United States. Recipients must also be living in the United States and be enrolled in an eligible major that supports the mission of AFCEA Educational Foundation.

  1. Women in Technology Scholarship (WITS)

The WITS is offered by the Visionary Integration Professionals and awards a $2,500 scholarship to women planning a career in computer science, information technology, management information systems, or related fields. 

  1. SWE Region E Scholarship

Awarded by the Society of Women Engineers, the SWE Region E Scholarship offers one $1,750 scholarship to a female applicant planning to study a full-time ABET-accredited program in engineering, technology, or computing in the upcoming academic year. Recipient must be attending school within Region E, which includes one of the following:

  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Eastern Pennsylvania
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Virginia
  1. BHW Women in STEM Scholarship

The BHW scholarship is a $3,000 scholarship available to undergraduate and graduate female students pursuing a degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. 

Need More Women in STEM Scholarships?

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