Best Medical Assistant colleges in Arizona 2021

It’s no secret that the medical industry is a booming field to pursue a career. With job and salary predictions expected to rise rapidly within the next 10 years, those who have a passion for healthcare will likely be in a market with a high job demand. That’s where medical assisting comes into play.

While the doctors and nurses often tend directly to a patient's needs, a medical assistant degree will give individuals the proper training in administrative and clinical tasks that would be performed as a certified medical assistant (CMA). Students will learn medical coding, anatomy and physiology, how to conduct lab tests, and everything that is needed to work directly with patients.

Medical assistants are essential to the function of any physician’s office. Luckily for most, with the right education and medical assisting program, this career can be within one’s reach in as little as two years. With this career you will interact directly with doctors, nurses, technicians, and patients. Because of this, it’s no wonder many programs offer hands-on experience through externships to learn the skills needed to properly carry out important duties.

Taking into consideration academic and clinical training, tuition cost, accreditation, student population, and the likelihood of landing a job post-graduation, we’ve broken down the top 10 colleges that any aspiring medical assistant should be begging to attend.

List of all Medical Assistant colleges in Arizona

School Average Tuition Student Teacher Ratio Enrolled Students
Carrington College-Phoenix North Logo Carrington College-Phoenix North Phoenix, AZ   36 : 1 1,644
Arizona College-Glendale Logo Arizona College-Glendale Glendale, AZ
120 : 1 479
Pima Medical Institute-Tucson Logo Pima Medical Institute-Tucson Tucson, AZ   35 : 1 1,931
Pima Medical Institute-Mesa Logo Pima Medical Institute-Mesa Mesa, AZ   16 : 1 856
CollegeAmerica-Phoenix Logo CollegeAmerica-Phoenix Phoenix, AZ
56 : 1 392
CollegeAmerica-Flagstaff Logo CollegeAmerica-Flagstaff Flagstaff, AZ
18 : 1 36
Pima Medical Institute-East Valley Logo Pima Medical Institute-East Valley Mesa, AZ   41 : 1 454
Phoenix College Logo Phoenix College Phoenix, AZ
73 : 1 11,109
Allen School-Phoenix Logo Allen School-Phoenix Phoenix, AZ     48
Arizona College-Mesa Logo Arizona College-Mesa Mesa, AZ
123 : 1 246
Mohave Community College Logo Mohave Community College Kingman, AZ
53 : 1 4,348
United Education Institute - UEI College - Phoenix Logo United Education Institute - UEI College - Phoenix Phoenix, AZ     564
Yavapai College Logo Yavapai College Prescott, AZ
65 : 1 7,428
Northland Pioneer College Logo Northland Pioneer College Holbrook, AZ
44 : 1 3,008
Brookline College-Phoenix Logo Brookline College-Phoenix Phoenix, AZ   69 : 1 1,451
Brookline College-Tucson Logo Brookline College-Tucson Tucson, AZ   58 : 1 292
Brookline College-Tempe Logo Brookline College-Tempe Tempe, AZ   68 : 1 478
Central Arizona College Logo Central Arizona College Coolidge, AZ
48 : 1 4,793
Eastern Arizona College Logo Eastern Arizona College Thatcher, AZ
66 : 1 6,027
Cochise County Community College District Logo Cochise County Community College District Sierra Vista, AZ
34 : 1 3,672

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