Best Business colleges in Columbia

Why a degree in business?

You have a nice suit and a firm handshake. You can see yourself leading that board meeting one day. With a business degree, you can make an impact in any business or even start your own company. With such a versatile degree, you’ll be sure to learn the skills necessary to succeed in the corporate world.

What business degree options exist?

Pursuing a business degree really is the cool thing to do. Nearly 20%* of all college students are studying business. The growth of the business major has been on a steady rise for the past 15 years*, making it one of the most popular and competitive majors out there.

But don’t worry, there are still plenty of jobs. The business field has one of the highest employment rates of all majors offered, with the top starting salaries ranging from $50-$60,000*. Business students are the second highest most sought after students, after engineering. Whether you want to live around the world or be a local entrepreneur, there’s a place for you and your new found skill set. The roads connecting from a business degree can take you anywhere.

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Best Business colleges in Columbia for 2021

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Take your business education beyond borders. In the USC international business program travel is more than just an option. It’s essential! You can count on spending at least one semester studying abroad. But students who want to really immerse themselves into another culture have plenty of opportunities to do so. Depending on the program track you choose, you can spend anywhere from two semesters to two years studying in destinations like France, Egypt, Chile, and China. Read the blogs written by students abroad for awesome insight into their unique experiences. Some have salsa danced in Chile. Others have toured the United Nations Office in Switzerland. USC students and local students travel, live, and work together—and in the process learn from each other. That means you will also build interpersonal skills essential for conducting business in an interconnected world. You’ll enjoy taking courses on the USC campus, too, in the new Moore School of Business building. Your class schedule might include the typical microeconomics course along with international marketing, and maybe even Advanced Japanese. You’ll leave USC with language, multicultural, and business skills that will allow you to take your career anywhere.

Columbia International University offers 7 Business degree programs. It's a small, private not-for-profit, four-year university in a midsize city. In 2019, 17 Business students graduated with students earning 13 Bachelor's degrees, and 4 Master's degrees.

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List of all Business colleges in Columbia

School Average Tuition Student Teacher Ratio Enrolled Students
University of South Carolina-Columbia Logo University of South Carolina-Columbia Columbia, SC
24 : 1 35,364
Midlands Technical College Logo Midlands Technical College West Columbia, SC
42 : 1 9,160
Columbia College Logo Columbia College Columbia, SC
23 : 1 1,243
Benedict College Logo Benedict College Columbia, SC
24 : 1 2,040
South University-Columbia Logo South University-Columbia Columbia, SC
40 : 1 797
Allen University Logo Allen University Columbia, SC
20 : 1 817
Columbia International University Logo Columbia International University Columbia, SC
43 : 1 1,649