Best Forensic Science and Technology colleges in Washington DC 2022

Best Forensic Science and Technology colleges in Washington DC for 2022

If you study at George Washington University, you’ll study in one of the greatest concentrations of federal crime labs and investigatory agencies in the world. Located in the Washington, D.C. metro area, George Washington University attracts roughly 26,000 students each year. GWU is for students who are tired of looking at slides or presentations of some of America’s greatest art and architecture — students who want to work with and among some of our nation’s strongest lawmakers. This city will be your classroom, one you can’t match anywhere else.

And in the U.S. national security hub, you’ll find a forensic science department that emphasizes objective science-based study and application, cutting edge research, and practitioner-based mentorship. With your choice among a variety of master’s or certificate programs, you’ll build technical and theoretical knowledge, skills, and abilities with classical and modern forensic techniques that will position you well to compete for a job upon graduation. The program site states:

“We will accomplish this through rigorous scientific scholarship, hands-on experiences, inspiring mentorship, and a stimulating academic environment conducive to and providing for opportunities to conduct research and scholarly inquiry and otherwise to contribute to the knowledge base of forensic science and improvement of the forensic community. We will take advantage of our location in the nation’s capital, our national security hub, and forensic laboratory- and investigation-rich environment.”

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List of all Forensic Science and Technology colleges in Washington DC

School Average Tuition Student Teacher Ratio Enrolled Students
George Washington University Logo George Washington University Washington, DC
24 : 1 27,814
Trinity Washington University Logo Trinity Washington University Washington, DC
25 : 1 1,707

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