Best Kinesiology and Exercise Science colleges in Des Moines 2021

As research continues to demonstrate the benefits that physical activity has on one's health, the number of individuals interested in health and wellness steadily increases. Therefore, attaining proper knowledge and skills related to fitness, by earning a degree in kinesiology and exercise science, will lead individuals to a promising career instructing others on how to enhance their health, wellness, and physical performance.The science-based field of the kinesiology and exercise science degree program centers on the effects that exercise and movement have on the body. Academic studies focus primarily on anatomy, biophysics, physiology, therapeutic rehabilitation, and biomechanics. Other instruction includes motor development and coordination, performance research, and the development of rehabilitative methods. Once coursework is complete, students will have an in-depth understanding of how to educate and guide individuals in the proper methods for exercising one's muscles, avoiding strain, improving training habits, and increasing strength evenly throughout the body's muscle mass.Careers in this program are as follows: personal trainer, rehabilitation specialist, emergency medical technician, athletic coach, and physical therapist. Continuing education can prepare students for further study in medicine or chiropractic care. There are also certificate programs available in related fields such as sports nutrition or kinesiotherapy.

List of all Kinesiology and Exercise Science colleges in Des Moines

School Average Tuition Student Teacher Ratio Enrolled Students
Grand View University Logo Grand View University Des Moines, IA
21 : 1 1,889
Simpson College Logo Simpson College Indianola, IA
17 : 1 1,355
Drake University Logo Drake University Des Moines, IA
16 : 1 4,884