Best Clinical Psychology colleges in Indianapolis 2021

Clinical psychology is a subfield of psychology that deals mainly with mental disorders and integrates theory and science to better understand disabilities and to promote personal development. Clinical psychologists work with the intellectual, emotional, social, and behavioral phases of human performance. The degree program includes instruction in clinical assessment and diagnosis; personality appraisal; cognitive and behavioral therapy; and clinical treatment of behavioral abnormalities, psychological disorders, and severe psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and depression. Prospective clinical psychology students need to make sure the program at their school is accredited. Graduates of the program may find work in private practice, schools, and health care facilities.Clinical psychologists diagnose and evaluate mental illnesses and psychological disorders through observation, personalized and group therapy, patient interviews, and psychological tests, but clinical psychologists are not medical doctors. After thorough analyses, programs of treatment are developed and administered. Patients are then re-evaluated to ensure the applied treatment is working accurately, which is documented with detailed records. Extensive research is associated with this program because of all the treatments and symptoms involved. Understanding the ethical standards and applicable regulations of clinical psychology are keys to a successful career. Clinical psychologists also need to have excellent communication skills to effectively aid their clients. Specialty areas within clinical psychology include child and adult mental health, learning disabilities, emotional disturbances, substance abuse, and health psychology.

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List of all Clinical Psychology colleges in Indianapolis

School Average Tuition Student Teacher Ratio Enrolled Students
Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis Logo Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN
29 : 1 29,537
University of Indianapolis Logo University of Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN
19 : 1 5,801
Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus Logo Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus Indiana, PA
21 : 1 10,559