Best Neuroscience colleges in Manchester 2021

Research makes up a large portion of a neuroscience career because research is the foundation of neuroscience. Neuroscience researchers explore the functions and development of the brain and nervous system trying to uncover what else the brain can accomplish. Researchers study the molecules in the nervous system and what makes up the nervous system, memory, brain development, and behavior. Neuroscience researchers also work in clinics identifying neurological disorders such as Alzheimer?s and developing treatments or preventive measures for these disorders.

Students interested in a neuroscience degree should expect to attend graduate school. Individuals who only have a bachelor?s degree are limited to entry-level options such as research assistant and pharmaceutical sales. A two-year master's program in neuroscience helps students further develop scientific analysis skills which usually leads to a master's thesis. Students study calculus, chemistry, computer science, engineering, biology, and psychology. Neuroscience encompasses a variety of fields such as neuroanatomist, neurochemist, and neurophysiologist for individuals who have advanced degrees. However, since earning a degree in neuroscience teaches individuals so much about the brain and its functions, some neuroscientists choose to pursue careers in medicine and become licensed doctors or nurses.

Best Neuroscience colleges in Manchester for 2021

University of New Hampshire at Manchester offers 1 Neuroscience degree programs. It's a very small, public, four-year university in a midsize city. In 2019, 11 Neuroscience students graduated with students earning 11 Bachelor's degrees.

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List of all Neuroscience colleges in Manchester

School Average Tuition Student Teacher Ratio Enrolled Students
Saint Anselm College Logo Saint Anselm College Manchester, NH
13 : 1 2,033
University of New Hampshire at Manchester Logo University of New Hampshire at Manchester Manchester, NH
18 : 1 753