Best English/Language Arts Teacher Education colleges in Minneapolis 2021

English language arts teachers come up with innovative and effective ways to best teach reading, speaking, listening, and writing to a group of adolescents. Teachers interact with parents, administrators, and other faculty to ensure each child has what he/she needs to be successful. Individuals who earn a degree in English language arts usually become middle or high school teachers. Language arts teachers work more than 40 hours per week, dividing their time between the classroom and lesson planning, grading, professional development, and faculty obligations.

Students must have a bachelor's degree to become a teacher, although some states require middle and high school teachers to earn a master's degree after earning their teaching certification. Students interested in this career should prepare to take courses in poetry, Shakespeare, nonfiction and fiction writing, English literature, history of language, grammar, syntax, rhetoric, composition, and world literature. Students will also have to fulfill supervised student teaching for a certain period of time within their four-year undergraduate degree work. All language arts teachers who teach in public schools are required to have a teaching license or certification in that particular state; check with your state for specific requirements. Middle school teachers had a 2010 median pay of $51,960; for high school teachers it was $53,230.

List of all English/Language Arts Teacher Education colleges in Minneapolis

School Average Tuition Student Teacher Ratio Enrolled Students
Hamline University Logo Hamline University Saint Paul, MN
22 : 1 3,404
Bethel University Logo Bethel University Saint Paul, MN
20 : 1 4,005
University of St Thomas Logo University of St Thomas Saint Paul, MN
24 : 1 9,824
Concordia University-Saint Paul Logo Concordia University-Saint Paul Saint Paul, MN
60 : 1 5,137
Metropolitan State University Logo Metropolitan State University Saint Paul, MN
58 : 1 7,592
University of Northwestern-St Paul Logo University of Northwestern-St Paul Saint Paul, MN
47 : 1 3,525
Crown College Logo Crown College Saint Bonifacius, MN
51 : 1 1,522