Best Chemistry colleges in Phoenix 2021

As a chemistry major, you’ll study matter. You’ll learn what matter is made of, how it operates, and how to manipulate it to improve our world. Chemistry students spend time in the classroom and in the laboratory experimenting according to the scientific method, practicing titrations, exploring different chemicals, reporting findings (writing and speaking professionally), and ultimately, learning how to draw meaningful conclusions from empirical, scientific data. Chemistry instructors will also challenge your creativity, pushing you to make keen observations about the world, to imagine new ways to alter its chemistry, and to develop controlled experiments to test your hypotheses.

Successful chemistry students have solid mathematical skills, from algebra to calculus, and a passion for studying the natural world. In modern-day chemistry work, computing skills are also increasingly helpful for using industry software, designing digital models, creating reports, and other digital practices. Chemistry degrees apply to a wide range of fields, including pharmaceuticals as one of the most demanding industries, as well as biotechnology, engineering, electronics/computing, alternative energy, and research. Many chemistry students find work in government agencies, such as the EPA and the DEA. Local municipal departments also need chemists to evaluate drinking water, identify unknown substances, and much more.

Best Chemistry colleges in Phoenix for 2021

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Arizona State University-Tempe offers 3 Chemistry, General degree programs. It's a very large, public, four-year university in a midsize city. In 2019, 48 Chemistry, General students graduated with students earning 30 Bachelor's degrees, 15 Doctoral degrees, and 3 Master's degrees.

Grand Canyon University offers 1 Chemistry, General degree programs. It's a very large, private for-profit, four-year university in a large city.

Glendale Community College offers 1 Chemistry, General degree programs. It's a large, public, two-year college in a large suburb.

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List of all Chemistry colleges in Phoenix

School Average Tuition Student Teacher Ratio Enrolled Students
Arizona State University-Tempe Logo Arizona State University-Tempe Tempe, AZ
24 : 1 53,286
Grand Canyon University Logo Grand Canyon University Phoenix, AZ
218 : 1 96,211
Paradise Valley Community College Logo Paradise Valley Community College Phoenix, AZ
69 : 1 7,900
South Mountain Community College Logo South Mountain Community College Phoenix, AZ
71 : 1 4,321
Estrella Mountain Community College Logo Estrella Mountain Community College Avondale, AZ
98 : 1 10,120
Chandler-Gilbert Community College Logo Chandler-Gilbert Community College Chandler, AZ
111 : 1 15,585
GateWay Community College Logo GateWay Community College Phoenix, AZ
49 : 1 5,067
Glendale Community College Logo Glendale Community College Glendale, AZ
69 : 1 18,054
Phoenix College Logo Phoenix College Phoenix, AZ
73 : 1 11,109
Mesa Community College Logo Mesa Community College Mesa, AZ
68 : 1 20,351
Central Arizona College Logo Central Arizona College Coolidge, AZ
48 : 1 4,793
Rio Salado College Logo Rio Salado College Tempe, AZ
406 : 1 19,103