Best Education colleges in Pittsburg 2021

The children really are our future. Do you have what it takes to mold the minds of tomorrow? Education is more than just teaching. Being an educator means supporting children, teaching critical thinking and life skills, empowering students to find their own path, managing classrooms, finding creative ways to relay information and much more. An education curriculum is as diverse as the students and subjects you’ll be teaching.

A bachelor’s degree in education can take you down a variety of career paths: preschool, primary, secondary, special education, or postsecondary education. Or maybe earning your undergraduate degree is the first step towards earning your admin credentials and becoming a school administrator. Or if you prefer to stay out of the classroom, you can work as a tutor or librarian or earn your Master's degrees to become an instructional coordinator. Like your students’ futures, the possibilities are endless.

List of all Education colleges in Pittsburg

School Average Tuition Student Teacher Ratio Enrolled Students
Duquesne University Logo Duquesne University Pittsburgh, PA
19 : 1 9,197
University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus Logo University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus Pittsburgh, PA
18 : 1 32,686
California University of Pennsylvania Logo California University of Pennsylvania California, PA
25 : 1 6,842
Washington & Jefferson College Logo Washington & Jefferson College Washington, PA
11 : 1 1,265
La Roche University Logo La Roche University Pittsburgh, PA
23 : 1 1,401
Butler County Community College Logo Butler County Community College Butler, PA
52 : 1 3,176
Community College of Beaver County Logo Community College of Beaver County Monaca, PA
42 : 1 2,149