Best Marketing/marketing Management colleges in San Francisco 2021

Have you ever been told you could sell water to a whale? If you have business sense and a creative mind, you may just be a marketing whiz. With a degree in marketing, students will typically study all of the areas of business in order to understand it from a marketing perspective. For instance, students may take a class in accounting to understand how marketing costs factor into an organization’s budget. The study of marketing will focus on the principles behind what makes for good marketing, and the management aspect will tie in how to manage a marketing team or overall marketing operation.

Another aspect of the study of marketing is market analysis where students learn to collect, measure, and analyze data about consumer needs and spending habits. Along with traditional marketing courses, such as advertising and marketing strategy, there is an entirely new area of marketing to learn - digital and online marketing. This includes studying search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and developing just the right content for websites. You’ll learn how to help clients improve their websites to provide the most valuable information, and in turn rank higher in search engines. In this ever-changing technology age, this is a quickly evolving area of study and good for those who like innovation and consistent change.

List of all Marketing/marketing Management colleges in San Francisco

School Average Tuition Student Teacher Ratio Enrolled Students
University of San Francisco Logo University of San Francisco San Francisco, CA
23 : 1 10,636
Golden Gate University-San Francisco Logo Golden Gate University-San Francisco San Francisco, CA
37 : 1 2,432
Menlo College Logo Menlo College Atherton, CA
39 : 1 894
Holy Names University Logo Holy Names University Oakland, CA
23 : 1 966