5 Benefits of Working On-Campus in College

Written by Emily Ravet
Published on January 8, 2023 · Updated on May 28, 2023

5 Benefits of Working On-Campus in College

Written by Emily Ravet
Published on January 8, 2023 · Updated on May 28, 2023

Working on campus comes with many perks for busy students who need a little extra money. From networking, to meeting friends, to building up your resume, here are 5 reasons why an on campus job might be the right choice for you!

Almost half of full-time undergraduate students work while enrolled in college. Money can be tight. But having an on-campus job allows students to make money all while staying mindful of time restraints. 

This article will go through the perks of working on your college campus. Each student experience is different, but many can benefit from having a job that is close in proximity and mindful of their student schedule! 

When searching for a job, it can be a lengthy process. However, when working on campus, you are in a smaller pool of applicants, because only students can apply.

When you are applying for on-campus jobs make sure you have the following, 

  • 1-page resume that outlines your major, year in school, and previous job experiences
  • Cover letter that shares more details about your interest in this job
  • Three references (make sure you ask the references’ permission before naming them on an application)

If your resume is sparse, an on-campus job will help fill it!

  1. Walkable Location

Only about 46.8% of college students have vehicles on-campus. For most, that means that your place of employment is limited to walkable locations. 

If you are employed on-campus, your job is in a place that you’re already familiar with and know how to access. 

  1. Mindful of Student Schedules

When in college, academics are the highest priority. Between taking 12-18 credits, along with balancing extracurriculars, finding time for work is difficult. 

Most universities limit the number of hours that students can work on-campus. That number is usually around 12-15 hours per week. This allows students to still have time to study, go to class, participate in clubs, and hang out with friends. 

  1. Ability to Network Within Your Profession

Many students work in the department that they are studying in. Use this as an opportunity for networking! Share your major, the classes that you are currently taking, and your career aspirations if it comes up in natural conversation. 

A campus job typically involves working with a mixture of faculty, staff, and fellow college students. You never know when your next work opportunity could arise!

  1. You’ll Meet Other Students! 

While working on-campus, you are typically working alongside other students. This allows you to broaden your social circle and meet new people that you would not otherwise have met.

It can be helpful to work within your department because then you can connect with fellow students who are also studying the same topics as you are!

While working in college can seem overwhelming, working on-campus has many benefits for a student. It gives them opportunities to meet staff members, network with faculty, befriend coworkers, and gain work experience for your resume!