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Macon, GA, 5171 Eisenhower Parkway
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Career Preparation A+
Students and Culture A+
Facilities A-
Activities and Groups B

Helms College is a private, less than two-year school enrolling 151 students and offering 1 degrees in Macon, GA.

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Art and Design
76 recent grads, 1 study levels
Degree Name
Culinary Arts
*Number of people in 2015 that graduated with this degree and study level.
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Alumni & Student Reviews
A+ Excellent
Career Preparation
What letter grade would you give your school on how well it prepares students for a career in the real world?
Based on 1 Reviews
Nursing/MBA, Class of 2015

social events, meet and greets,

Rated January 2016
A+ Excellent
Students and Culture
What letter grade would you give the students/culture at your school?
Based on 1 Reviews
Nursing/MBA, Class of 2015

when I was in nursing school, we really didnt identify with the school's overall culture. We were extremely stressed and had little time to participate in campus activities. We would start classes early, end late, and attend clinicals. The MBA pogram was a little different. There was a little more down time and classes were one night per week- geared toward adult professionals who were already established in the professional work setting. From an outsider's perspective- The culture is respective and inclusive- and students feel safe speaking up for their beliefs.

Rated January 2016
A- Excellent
What letter grade would you give the facilities at your school.
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Nursing/MBA, Class of 2015

We have everything that we need to succeed. We have penty of computers, the dining is rather good- and we have a starbucks cafe, which is great. The dorms- are quiet and typical. Classrooms are great- great hi-tech teleconferencing available, to log in from home.

Rated January 2016
B Great
Activities and Groups
What overall letter grade would you give the activities/groups at your school?
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