Best Business Administration and Management colleges in Memphis 2021

A degree in business administration and management is a program that prepares individuals to plan, organize, direct, and control the functions and processes of any type and size business. The top areas of focus will be on management, finance, business law, and marketing to ensure individuals are adequately prepared to achieve profitable goals for an organization. Students should also be prepared to receive further instruction in management theory, business ethics, entrepreneurship, human resources management and behavior, accounting, organization and production, strategic planning, and conflict resolution.

Business administration and management degree holders spend their careers running organizations and people, which is why problem solving, innovation, creativity, and leadership are basic skills an individual must possess. Business managers implement beneficial change in a company. They also come up with successful strategies to drive the business into the future by carefully monitoring competitors and the latest news. A degree in business administration and management will force individuals to think about issues such as ethics, diversity, and politics. With its very high demand, a degree in business administration and management will open doors for a variety of career choices such as administrative services manager, sales manager, supply manager, chief executive, and human resources management.

List of all Business Administration and Management colleges in Memphis

School Average Tuition Student Teacher Ratio Enrolled Students
Rhodes College Logo Rhodes College Memphis, TN
11 : 1 2,010
University of Memphis Logo University of Memphis Memphis, TN
24 : 1 21,685
Christian Brothers University Logo Christian Brothers University Memphis, TN
18 : 1 1,968
DeVry University-Tennessee Logo DeVry University-Tennessee Nashville, TN
23 : 1 45
Strayer University-Tennessee Logo Strayer University-Tennessee Memphis, TN
824 : 1 4,121
Le Moyne-Owen College Logo Le Moyne-Owen College Memphis, TN
19 : 1 835
Remington College-Memphis Campus Logo Remington College-Memphis Campus Memphis, TN
21 : 1 656
Southwest Tennessee Community College Logo Southwest Tennessee Community College Memphis, TN
48 : 1 9,433