Best Computer Science colleges in Virginia 2021

“It’s a world without rules or controls, borders or boundaries…a world where anything is possible.” – The Matrix

Be like Sherlock.

No, I’m not trying to pitch you on a criminal justice degree, which is, I’m sure, very interesting.. I’m talking about computer science. One of your main tasks - next to coding - will be problem solving. Debugging. You will go on a quest to find the broken piece, the typo, the bad boy who messes with your software, messes with your head, messes with YOU. I’m talking about the science of problem solving. As a computer science major, you must be adept at modeling and analyzing problems. You will have to design solutions and verify that they are correct. You’ll be hunched over your keyboard until the early morning hours. You’ll need a skillset consisting of precision, patience, creativity, and careful reasoning. Ran Libeskind-Hadas, the computer science department chair at Harvey Mudd College noticed an increasing “enthusiasm to contribute something meaningful to society and do ‘cool’ things” among his students. Yep, being a geek is cool in today’s world.

Computer science is a discipline that spans theory and practice. You might need to think outside the box, in abstract terms as well as in concrete terms. Whether you already have a fascination with computers and programming or you’re simply toying with the idea of learning code, computer science could be the degree path for you. Computer technologies are becoming an integral part of all industries. There are growing opportunities for those with computer science degrees to contribute in the success and daily operations of nearly every industry. Earning a computer science degree will allow you to join the ranks of this fast-developing industry and may provide you access to the growing demand of computer science. A degree in computer science can be obtained from many traditional colleges and schools as well as the possibility of online degrees and courses.

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List of all Computer Science colleges in Virginia

School Average Tuition Student Teacher Ratio Enrolled Students
William & Mary Logo William & Mary Williamsburg, VA
12 : 1 8,773
George Mason University Logo George Mason University Fairfax, VA
27 : 1 37,863
Washington and Lee University Logo Washington and Lee University Lexington, VA
9 : 1 2,264
Virginia Military Institute Logo Virginia Military Institute Lexington, VA
12 : 1 1,698
Radford University Logo Radford University Radford, VA
22 : 1 11,870
Christopher Newport University Logo Christopher Newport University Newport News, VA
17 : 1 4,919
Hampton University Logo Hampton University Hampton, VA
16 : 1 4,293
Regent University Logo Regent University Virginia Beach, VA
75 : 1 10,365
Hampden-Sydney College Logo Hampden-Sydney College Hampden-Sydney, VA
10 : 1 993
Fairfax University of America Logo Fairfax University of America Fairfax, VA
19 : 1 153
Virginia State University Logo Virginia State University Petersburg, VA
17 : 1 4,365
Bridgewater College Logo Bridgewater College Bridgewater, VA
15 : 1 1,754
University of Management and Technology Logo University of Management and Technology Arlington, VA
5 : 1 342
Roanoke College Logo Roanoke College Salem, VA
12 : 1 2,003
Eastern Mennonite University Logo Eastern Mennonite University Harrisonburg, VA
15 : 1 1,358
The University of Virginia's College at Wise Logo The University of Virginia's College at Wise Wise, VA
19 : 1 1,978
Longwood University Logo Longwood University Farmville, VA
17 : 1 4,468
Averett University Logo Averett University Danville, VA
17 : 1 894
Columbia College Logo Columbia College Vienna, VA   364 : 1 364
Northern Virginia Community College Logo Northern Virginia Community College Annandale, VA
81 : 1 51,822

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