10 Education Scholarships Worth Over $5000

Written by Beth Hering
Published on September 9, 2023 · Updated on September 9, 2023

10 Education Scholarships Worth Over $5000

Written by Beth Hering
Published on September 9, 2023 · Updated on September 9, 2023

Becoming an educator is a noble career move – and oftentimes an expensive one. The path begins with obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

The expense of a four-year degree varies by institution, but even a public, in-state school carries an average annual cost of $9,687 for tuition and fees. Then, to become a stronger teacher or to qualify for a position such as principal, instructional coordinator, or school counselor, educators frequently pursue a higher degree.

It’s easy to see how in the end the average cumulative student loan balance for someone graduating with an MEd is more than $55,000.

Of the various methods for easing the financial burden of college, scholarships rank high in attractiveness. They provide free money that does not have to be paid back. And since many organizations are interested in improving the educational systems, numerous scholarships are earmarked for aspiring teachers and other educators with great potential.

Tips When Applying to These Scholarships

Education scholarships often have specifications regarding who can apply. One scholarship may be open only to undergraduates looking to become teachers, whereas another helps practicing educators with professional development. Likewise, scholarships frequently set qualifications that limit the application pool, such as residency in a specific geographic region, a certain ethnic background, or a minimum GPA.

Always make sure to carefully review all the qualifications. Applications take time to complete, so it doesn’t make sense to submit material to a competition where you’ll immediately be dismissed because you don’t qualify.

To maximize your chances of receiving a scholarship, here are some tips:

  • Complete all relevant sections and submit everything for which the directions ask (transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statement, etc.).

  • Tailor your information to the objectives of the organization awarding the scholarship. For instance, a group awarding a scholarship to advance the teaching of STEM courses will be interested in your math and science background.

  • Remember that “little things” count. Submit a neat application that has been proofread and spell-checked.

  • Note the deadline to ensure everything reaches the scholarship sponsor on time.

10 Education Scholarships over $5,000

Earning an education scholarship certainly can help relieve some of the financial burden of higher education. Here are 10 such scholarships that pay out $5,000 or more to students focused on education.

1. The International Teacher Education Scholarship awarded by the Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation

Females who already hold an undergraduate degree and plan to enter the teaching profession can apply for a graduate scholarship awarded by this sorority for women educators. The competition seeks strong, well-rounded leaders who ranked in the top quarter of their class and possess a genuine interest in promoting better world understanding through education.

2. The Harold Gulliksen Psychometric Research Fellowship Program awarded by the Educational Testing Service

This nonprofit has an interest in equity in education. To that end, it provides winners with funds toward graduate studies that include research involving psychometrics, statistics, educational measurement, or quantitative methods.

3. The American Educational Research Association Minority Dissertation Fellowship in Education Research

For more than 100 years, the AERA has focused on improving education through scholarly inquiry. This particular opportunity awards money to outstanding minority doctoral students.

4. The American Educational Research Association Grants Program

These AERA awards support students interested in conducting research on educational issues.

5. Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago Academic Scholarship Program

This award is open to Jewish undergraduate or graduate students born, raised, or employed in the Chicago metropolitan area. Applicants should show promise for success in a helping profession, such as education.

6. Teacher Education Scholars Forgivable Loan awarded by the Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid

A minimum high school GPA of 3.5, an ACT of 28, and enrollment in a teacher education program at a Mississippi four-year college are needed to apply for the $15,000 annual award. Winners who go on to teach in a Mississippi public school for five years can have the rest of their loan amount forgiven.

7. Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship awarded by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education

High school and college students planning on a career in education can apply for one of the 200 renewable scholarships offered. Upon graduation, winners agree to teach in an eligible Indiana school for five years.

8. The Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Scholarship awarded by the California Teachers Association

This group aims to improve the quality of public education and advocates for the rights of all students. The scholarship is designed to financially assist ethnic minority students wishing to go into teaching or other education-related professions.

9. South Carolina Teaching Fellows Program

The South Carolina Department of Education presents this scholarship to up to 200 high school seniors from South Carolina. Applicants should have an interest in going into teaching.

10. The Marjorie M. Brown Dissertation Fellowship awarded by Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society

The money given out by this organization supports doctoral students whose research is in line with Marjorie M. Brown’s philosophical work. Applicants should consult the honor society for a list of criteria used in the selection process.

Looking For More Education Scholarships?

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