Best Sociology colleges in Ohio 2021

Sociology is the scientific study of human behavior and interaction, which is greatly influenced by religious, ethical, and social beliefs. A degree in sociology can lead to endless employment opportunities in the following areas: criminal justice, education, research and planning, government, business and industry, and human services. Job titles include teacher, counselor, administrator, manager, and analyst. Sociologists prepare reports; examine how social influences affect different individuals and groups; design research projects to test social issue theories; and analyze and draw conclusions from data collected through surveys, observations, and interviews.

Vital skills include critical-thinking, communication, and problem-solving. Sociology majors devote a lot of time to writing and research. Instruction includes social theory, race and ethnicity, humanities, sociological research methods, social organization and structure, dynamics of social change, family structures, social deviance and control, and urban sociology. Students also have the option of specializing in a wide range of topics: gender, poverty, crime, and education are just a few.

The 2010 median pay for sociologists was $72,360, but the entry-level education was at the master's degree level. There are two types of sociology master's degree programs: traditional programs and applied, clinical, and professional programs.

List of all Sociology colleges in Ohio

School Average Tuition Student Teacher Ratio Enrolled Students
Ohio State University-Main Campus Logo Ohio State University-Main Campus Columbus, OH
27 : 1 61,391
Miami University-Oxford Logo Miami University-Oxford Oxford, OH
20 : 1 19,716
Case Western Reserve University Logo Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, OH
16 : 1 11,874
Kenyon College Logo Kenyon College Gambier, OH
8 : 1 1,750
University of Cincinnati-Main Campus Logo University of Cincinnati-Main Campus Cincinnati, OH
28 : 1 39,263
Xavier University Logo Xavier University Cincinnati, OH
18 : 1 6,973
University of Toledo Logo University of Toledo Toledo, OH
25 : 1 19,694
Cleveland State University Logo Cleveland State University Cleveland, OH
28 : 1 15,433
Bowling Green State University-Main Campus Logo Bowling Green State University-Main Campus Bowling Green, OH
23 : 1 17,733
University of Akron Main Campus Logo University of Akron Main Campus Akron, OH
28 : 1 17,600
The College of Wooster Logo The College of Wooster Wooster, OH
10 : 1 1,942
Ohio University-Main Campus Logo Ohio University-Main Campus Athens, OH
27 : 1 27,367
Oberlin College Logo Oberlin College Oberlin, OH
9 : 1 2,863
Kent State University at Kent Logo Kent State University at Kent Kent, OH
29 : 1 27,716
John Carroll University Logo John Carroll University University Heights, OH
19 : 1 3,506
University of Dayton Logo University of Dayton Dayton, OH
17 : 1 11,473
Ohio Wesleyan University Logo Ohio Wesleyan University Delaware, OH
12 : 1 1,494
Youngstown State University Logo Youngstown State University Youngstown, OH
30 : 1 12,110
Capital University Logo Capital University Columbus, OH
20 : 1 3,226
Wright State University-Main Campus Logo Wright State University-Main Campus Dayton, OH
23 : 1 12,356

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