Best Mass Communication colleges in Philadelphia 2021

Are you curious about how large amounts of information reaches a large amount of people? How ads become viral and people become instafamous? Where do clothing, travel, and social trends come from? You’ll find the answers to this and many other communication questions with a degree in mass communication. Mass communication is the study of how people exchange information through mass media to an audience at the same time. A communication degree is a type of social science that falls under the category of communication studies. Students in this major learn an array of crucial skills in how to effectively communicate and spread information through to the masses.

Students who obtain this degree can pursue careers in advertising, journalism, broadcasting, public relations, marketing, media (digital, traditional), film, and sales. You’ll learn how to effectively communicate information that translates into influencing behavior and thoughts of consumers or a large group of people. You’ll gain the knowledge of understanding a deeper level of media and become a more informed consumer yourself. Many programs encourage internships and field projects to assist students in obtaining first-hand experience in mass media professions.

List of all Mass Communication colleges in Philadelphia

School Average Tuition Student Teacher Ratio Enrolled Students
Temple University Logo Temple University Philadelphia, PA
24 : 1 38,794
Drexel University Logo Drexel University Philadelphia, PA
22 : 1 24,205
Ursinus College Logo Ursinus College Collegeville, PA
12 : 1 1,472
Holy Family University Logo Holy Family University Philadelphia, PA
39 : 1 3,110
Delaware Valley University Logo Delaware Valley University Doylestown, PA
26 : 1 2,369
Community College of Philadelphia Logo Community College of Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA
48 : 1 15,996