Best Engineering colleges in San Jose

Best Engineering colleges in San Jose for 2024

Stanford University
Stanford, CA
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Located within the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford University produces some of the most successful engineers in the world. A top-notch faculty, 65 state-of-the art university centers and labs, intelligent and supportive classmates – what else could an engineering major desire? There are nine central engineering departments at Stanford University, including aeronautics, bioengineering, chemical engineering, computer science, management science, civil and environmental engineering, and mechanical engineering. With over 50 centers and labs to study in, it’s no wonder Stanford produces great engineers. 

Stanford’s School of Engineering has been at the forefront of innovation for nearly a century - engineering faculty and graduates have founded an estimated 12,700 companies over the decades - and shows no signs of slowing down. Engineering is one of the university’s most popular majors, and roughly 1,600 undergraduates and 3,200 graduate students seek engineering degrees. Curiosity-driven research that crosses disciplines or even schools is encouraged, as seen by the School of Engineering’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, which brings together students and faculty in engineering, business, education, medicine, and the humanities to learn design thinking and work together to solve big problems in a human-centered way. The engineering program at Stanford is extremely competitive, with about 16% of applicants earning acceptance into the program. The annual price of tuition at Stanford is about $74,00.

Located in Silicon Valley, San Jose State University offers 10 undergraduate engineering programs and 11 graduate programs. The university serves over 7,100 undergraduate and graduate engineering students with its 390 faculty and staff members. San Jose State tuition starts at $7,8582 per year, which is affordable considering it is one of the top engineering programs in California. 

Santa Clara University
Santa Clara, CA

Santa Clara University is a 4-year, private, not-for-profit university. The school of engineering offers eight undergraduate majors, twelve master’s programs, and three doctorate degrees. The undergraduate program provides students an opportunity to complete some units towards the master’s degree while still enrolled as undergraduates. Tuition is approximately $55,200 per year.

List of all Engineering colleges in San Jose

School Average Tuition Student Teacher Ratio Enrolled Students
Stanford University Logo Stanford University Stanford, CA
13 : 1 18,283
San Jose State University Logo San Jose State University San Jose, CA
40 : 1 35,751
Santa Clara University Logo Santa Clara University Santa Clara, CA
15 : 1 9,178
De Anza College Logo De Anza College Cupertino, CA
67 : 1 16,335
San Jose City College Logo San Jose City College San Jose, CA
54 : 1 7,561