Best Business colleges in West Virginia

Students that excel in mathematics and strategic planning could put these skills towards operating a business, and achieving a degree in business can be a great first step towards this goal. West Virginia residents can apply to small private and large public institutions to receive an education and access their active alumni networks to secure internships and post-graduation job placement. 

West Virginia residents with this degree can focus their job search on metro areas like Charleston and Huntington, which have higher rates of employment than the more rural areas in the state. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that opportunities in this field can vary depending on the sector, though the employment outlook for business and financial operations professionals will exceed 26,000 jobs across the state that gross over $64,000 annually. 

A Bachelor of Arts in Business typically allows students to apply to full-time entry-level roles immediately after college, though many choose to apply to MBA programs before deciding where to pursue employment. This major includes in-class courses like accounting and fundraising with labs that teach students how to create an LLC or write a business pitch. Students can achieve a degree in business at an in-person university or online, but many top universities provide professional opportunities that help their students get recruited after graduation.

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List of all Business colleges in West Virginia

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