Top Paying States For Mechanical Engineers 2023

Written by Tien Rooney
Published on January 8, 2023 · Updated on May 28, 2023

Top Paying States For Mechanical Engineers 2023

Written by Tien Rooney
Published on January 8, 2023 · Updated on May 28, 2023

Mechanical engineering is a challenging yet lucrative professional field with job opportunities nationwide. The national average salary for mechanical engineers in 2022 was $90,160, but depending on the state of residency, compensation can vary dramatically. 

Mechanical engineers are embedded across multiple industries and remain essential in the design and construction of residential and commercial buildings, large public works projects like bridges and canals, and even in the aerospace sector with companies like Lockheed Martin and Boeing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, mechanical engineers are projected to see a 7% growth in job outlook from 2020-2030.

Students interested in finding the highest paying careers should note that salaries vary based on field, experience, and location. This article breaks down the highest-paying states for mechanical engineers, though actual salaries vary. 

States With Highest Mechanical Engineer Salaries

1. New Mexico

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $117,180

Hourly Mean Wage: $56.34

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 1,300

2. Maryland

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $112,090

Hourly Mean Wage: $53.83

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 5,520

3. California

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $110,070

Hourly Mean Wage: $52.92

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 28,130

4. Louisiana

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $106,090

Hourly Mean Wage: $51.00

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 1,890

5. Delaware

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $106,040

Hourly Mean Wage: $50.98

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 580

6. Massachusetts

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $105,250

Hourly Mean Wage: $50.60

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 8,520

7. Colorado

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $104,120

Hourly Mean Wage: $50.06

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 5,630

8. Texas

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $102,660

Hourly Mean Wage: $49.36

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 21,970

9. Alaska

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $102,090

Hourly Mean Wage: $49.08

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 550

10. Virginia

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $100,460

Hourly Mean Wage: $48.30

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 7,330

11. Washington

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $100,320

Hourly Mean Wage: $48.23

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 7,730

12. Connecticut

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $99,840

Hourly Mean Wage: $48.00

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 5,370

13. Rhode Island

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $99,350

Hourly Mean Wage: $47.77

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 1,290

14. Arizona

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $99,030

Hourly Mean Wage: $47.61

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 5,590

15. West Virginia

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $97,860

Hourly Mean Wage: $47.05

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 710

16. New Jersey

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $97,770

Hourly Mean Wage: $47.00

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 5,030

17. New York

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $96,510

Hourly Mean Wage: $46.40

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 9,920

18. Illinois

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $95,810

Hourly Mean Wage: $46.06

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 12,520

19. Vermont

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $95,530

Hourly Mean Wage: $45.93

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 400

20. Alabama

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $95,530

Hourly Mean Wage: $45.93

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 3,860

21. Tennessee

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $95,050

Hourly Mean Wage: $45.70

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 3,060

22. Michigan

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $94,280

Hourly Mean Wage: $45.33

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 40,340

23. New Hampshire

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $94,270

Hourly Mean Wage: $45.32

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 2,510

24. Oregon

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $92,980

Hourly Mean Wage: $44.70

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 3,550

25. Idaho

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $92,310

Hourly Mean Wage: $44.38

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 1,120

26. Oklahoma

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $92,170

Hourly Mean Wage: $44.31

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 2,020

27. Georgia

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $92,120

Hourly Mean Wage: $44.29

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 5,150

28. Indiana

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $92,070

Hourly Mean Wage: $44.26

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 6,920

29. Nevada

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $91,630

Hourly Mean Wage: $44.05

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 900

30. Maine

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $91,510

Hourly Mean Wage: $43.99

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 1,090

31. Utah

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $89,980

Hourly Mean Wage: $43.26

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 3,260

32. Florida

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $89,700

Hourly Mean Wage: $43.12

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 8,040

33. Wyoming

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $89,160

Hourly Mean Wage: $42.86

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 310

34. South Carolina

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $88,740

Hourly Mean Wage: $42.67

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 6,060

35. Minnesota

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $88,340

Hourly Mean Wage: $42.47

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 7,600

36. Pennsylvania

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $88,310

Hourly Mean Wage: $42.46

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 15,740

37. Missouri

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $87,400

Hourly Mean Wage: $42.02

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 3,020

38. North Carolina

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $87,050

Hourly Mean Wage: $41.85

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 8,930

39. North Dakota

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $85,530

Hourly Mean Wage: $41.12

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 490

40. Iowa

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $85,330

Hourly Mean Wage: $41.02

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 3,430

41. Ohio

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $85,100

Hourly Mean Wage: $40.92

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 14,090

42. Mississippi

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $84,460

Hourly Mean Wage: $40.61

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 1,550

43. Kentucky

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $82,910

Hourly Mean Wage: $39.86

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 3,170

44. Hawaii

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $82,820

Hourly Mean Wage: $39.82

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 710

45. Montana

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $82,060

Hourly Mean Wage: $39.45

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 690

46. Wisconsin

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $81,550

Hourly Mean Wage: $39.12

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 10,520

47. Nebraska

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $81,370

Hourly Mean Wage: $39.12

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 980

48. Kansas

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $80,890

Hourly Mean Wage: $38.89

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 2,560

49. South Dakota

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $80,500

Hourly Mean Wage: $38.70

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 520

50. Arkansas

Mean Mechanical Engineer Salary: $73,390

Hourly Mean Wage: $35.29

Number of Mechanical Engineers: 1,220

How To Become A Mechanical Engineer

To land a position in the field of mechanical engineering, prospective students should note that entry-level positions typically require at least a bachelor’s degree. To become a practicing member of an engineering firm and stamp plans for a permit, mechanical engineers also need to obtain an engineering license for their state of employment, along with applicable certifications depending on their specialty. 

While this field may require additional licensing compared to other entry-level jobs, projected salaries help offset the burden of standardized licensing and credentialing programs. 

10 Best Mechanical Engineering Schools

Anyone interested in mechanical engineering wants to make sure they’re getting a quality degree. Using dozens of data points from every institution, considers these to be the best schools for mechanical engineering.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  2. Cornell University
  3. University of California-Berkeley
  4. Stanford University
  5. Rice University
  6. Northwestern University
  7. Duke University
  8. Johns Hopkins University
  9. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  10. Columbia University in the City of New York


To accurately assess the geographic, financial, and programmatic aspects of the field of mechanical engineering, the author of this article referenced figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics